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Burma Campaign - Rations

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K Rations

The K-ration was an individual daily combat food ration which was introduced by the United States Army during World War II. It was originally intended as an individually packaged daily ration for issue to airborne troops, tank corps, motorcycle couriers, and other mobile forces for short durations. The K ration provided three courses: breakfast, lunch and supper.


General comments on the food

One major criticism of the K ration was its caloric and vitamin content, judged as inadequate based on evaluations made during and after World War II of the ration's actual use by Army forces.


Supplying the food

Comments on the logistics of supplying food to the troops.


Supplementing the diet

There was a danger of over-reliance on K rations, which could cause the three meals to become monotonous if issued for long periods of time. The troops found different ways to supplement their rations.



Staple diet